Emergency Support

This page is to be used in emergency situations where you require immediate or after-hours support. This tool will send out emergency text messages and phone calls to InfoAnywhere support -- please bear in mind that we are real people who sleep regular hours, so please refrain from using this in the middle of the night unless it is truly an urgent matter. Use of this tool will incur a $150 emergency service charge in addition to our standard hourly rate for addressing your issue. Charges will not apply if contact is made to fix an system issue if the problem is determined to be a fault within the InfoAnywhere software and an emergency repair is required. If this support request is not an emergency, please see your support options by reviewing the options under the "support" tab on the menu after logging in.

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I acknowledge that unless this request is due to a system-related error not associated with my account/organization, that an emergency service charge of $150 will be charged to my organization in addition to the hourly rates charged to assist with this matter: